Monastery of Ilmater, Arabel

The monastery of the Order of Compassion and Holy Salvation lays 3 hours away from the gates of Arabel


Home of Ysgarlad and Rickan the Still

The building

The long standing monastery was build upon the ruins of an ancient Elven temple and it is said that the well at the middle of its courtyard still has healing properties. The complex consists of a keep that is currently used as the dormitory and common areas of for the monks. Around the main courtyard the monastery has various workshops, specifically, blacksmith, a weaver/tailor, a tanner and a basket weaver. In addition to that the courtyard is surrounded by a 4 meters stone which makes the position a very well defended location. In addition to the buildings there is also a grain silo a warehouse and a stable within the wall.

The area surrounding the hill which the temple is build is mostly arable land which the monks are using to grow, grain, barley and grapes. Some of the land is also fenced and converted into sheep pastures.

Geography & Location

The monastery is built by the road from Arabel to Highmoon on top of a hill that oversees the road. The area around the monastery mainly consists of fields but there is a small grove about 10 minutes walk away which is formed around a tributary of Wyvernwater river

The inhabitants

The monastery is home to 75 monks and 5 clerics as well as a core of 3 Master paladins and their squires in training.

Monks: (75)
Abbot Lorenious Sereneheart, Master of the Order
Brother Ignatius, Quarter master
Brother Molendres, Cook
Brother Loranis the disgraced, Shepard
Brothel Ilmanius, Scribe
Brother Ylisander, Alchemist & Healer
Sister Sulisana, Weaver & Tailor

Clerics (3)
Rita, Human lvl1 Cleric

Paladins (3)
Master Paladin Brotag the Pious
Master Paladin Verenis the Protector
Master Paladin Rickan the Still

Squires in training: (7)
Martin, 11
Milly, 7
Sophie, 7
Jonothan, 8
Sebastian, 8
Lovark, 9
Somalis, 6

Events and Calendar

The monastery is known for it’s soup kitchen which takes place every 10th day of the tenday (3 times a month)

In addition to that the temple offers healing services to the poor when possible and also provides lodging for travellers with known ties to Ilmater or other allied Gods.

Monastery of Ilmater, Arabel

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